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Creating Environmental Values

Re Sustainability, MEA is one of the leading and integrated waste management & environmental maintenance service providers and is fully committed to reducing waste & enhancing spaces. Here, we provide collective services in the collection and treatment of municipal, industrial, and biomedical waste.

Our commitment to ensuring sustainability in action along is embedded with creating a circular economy. We address key environmental issues and support our customers to fulfill their sustainability objectives along with safeguarding the ecosystem.

Delivering A Custom Roadmap To
Create A Future With Zero Waste


Hazardous Waste Management

Carefully & extensively collecting, transporting, and disposing of hazardous waste to minimize risk factors.

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Medical Waste Management

Reducing the solid, liquid, or hazardous medical waste footprint by serving clinical establishments at large.

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Municipal Solid Waste Management

Municipal solid waste poses a serious threat to environmental, residential, commercial, and urban areas degradation.

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Integrated Environmental Services

Maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and sanctity around distinctive environmental areas with our multi-dimensional services.

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A step towards building a circular economy, we recycle industrial, residential, and commercial waste into useful products.

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Our Worldwide Sustainable Impact

  • 01 Million

    Tons Of Industrial Waste Handled

  • 46,500

    Tons Biomedical Waste Safely Disposed

  • 4.5 Million

    Tons Of Municipal Solid Waste Managed

  • 07 Million

    Tons Waste Managed Annually

  • 2 Million

    Trees Saves Across the Region

  • 27+ MV

    Electricity Produced


  • 50,000 +

    Parking Lots Managed

  • 40%

    Expansion Of Waste Management

  • 25% to 50%

    Expanded Waste Management Customer Base


Re Sustainability In Action! Driving Sustainability Across The Middle East


Our end-to-end waste management and disposal service helps collect discharging waste from ships in the sea to safeguard the marine environment…

MRF Dubai

The extensive accumulation of municipal solid waste in Dubai resulted in difficulty for the natives to stay peacefully. To combat the issue, we established FARZ…

Medical Waste Abu Dhabi

With the unexpected arrival of the pandemic, the extensive quantity of medical waste generated beyond capacity in Abu Dhabi…

Kuwait Landfill

In Kuwait, due to the disaster of the Gulf War back in time, the land area was contaminated with over 20 million M3 of soil and further affected by the oil spills…

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